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Updated 07/2014

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Tuesday, August 5th


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I know the heading sounds a bit ominous, but at this meeting, the Master Plan Committee, with Doug Lasch, our architect, will roll out the work of our labor over the last few months: a proposal to repair, maintain, beautify and expand the buildings on our parish campus which will hopefully resolve the grand majority of our physical needs for the next 15 years.


Why now? All parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago will be participating in a campaign entitled, “To Teach Who Christ Is,” which will help fund the educational needs of the Archdiocese of Chicago for several years to come. Each parish has a goal for the campaign: 130% of their yearly collection income – for us at St. Theresa, our goal will be $1,862,286. Of that, the Archdiocese of Chicago will receive 40%, or $744,914. It makes sense then to address our own needs now for the future of our parish and thus the initiative for a Master Plan. In addition, we have not had a capital campaign since the year 2000, so given the length of time that has passed, much of our campus is in need of updating and repair.


When I became pastor last year, many of you identified what you’d like to see in the future. One of the comments that I heard more than once was the desire to have a social hall with an up to date kitchen for St. Theresa. The Master Plan will address that. Another concern expressed was the habitual flooding that occurs in the school every time we get a significant rain storm. The Master Plan will address that. Other comments shared identified the desire to unite our buildings for safety and convenience. The Master Plan will address that. You told me our gym floor is in need of repair. The Master Plan will address that. We have a beautiful church interior that was renovated wonderfully 15 years ago, but the exterior of our church doesn’t look very “church-like.” The Master Plan will address that. Many other needs will be addressed in the Master Plan that will help our campus to remain somewhat worry-free into the foreseeable future.


You will all receive a postcard invitation in the mail soon to attend this Town Hall meeting in August. Please note that you only need to attend one of the two meetings scheduled – they will both be the same presentation. Please come to one of these meetings if at all possible – I believe you will be glad you did.


Enjoy the week and God bless you all.



Fr. Tim